Wyze Camera Outages


I purchased a second generation WyzeCam right after they became generally available. At the time Wyze was a scrappy little company that many were positing to shake up the DIY home monitoring market. Their first generation camera had a great reputation and they delivered a solid yet basic cloud service pairing.

Wyze added motion and contact sensors, which added new capabilities to their camera line up. Soon after, Wyze started adding other non-secure devices like headphones, thermostats, and vacuums. Unfortunately, I think that they have lost focus. We have suffered service outages with increasing frequency. I see that they are planning to add a professional monitoring service. I'm not sure how they are going to reliably provide such a service with their service being unavailable so often.

Wyze has recently announced the 3rd generation of the WyzeCam, and they are available for pre-order now. Unfortunately, with the frequent outages, I'm looking at other cameras and services. Hopefully they get this sorted before I jump to another brand.

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