Locked QQ Account

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原因 由于号码存在密码外泄风险,为保护您的帐号、数据等安全,系统已自动冻结QQ

My QQ account has been locked for quite a few weeks, and I have not made any progress in getting them unlocked. I'm not sure what caused account to get automatically locked. I have my suspicions.

The error message recommends that I login to the app from a mobile app if I have money on my account, and I have tried that. I get the same sliding puzzle challenge, but I'm not able to progress past that point. Unfortunately, the recommendation as has a condition. I've never made any sort of monetary transaction on my QQ account so I don't have any money remaining in my account.

I'm remaining hopeful that I'll be able to get past this blocker; however, things don't look very good at this time.

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