Thinking of Emailias Beta

emailias email project

I've been using Emailias for several months to relay email destined to several of my personal domains. The service has be stable, and I've been pleased with the functionality so far. Of course if there is any missing functionality, then it's my own doing (or rather my lack of doing).

My little private service has been working so well that I'm thinking of opening it up to small group of beta testers. Unfortunately, before I allow access to others, I need to create a few small policies such as a privacy statement and a terms of service. I also need to create a web UI. I've been managing the config with vi and direct updates to the database. This doesn't scale well, and it's definitely not appropriate for a publicly accessible service. Along with the web UI, I'll need to move it over to dedicated resources.

I'm hoping that I can the web UI and all of necessities for a beta level service by the end of Q3. This is still a side project for me so this isn't at the top of my to-do list. My development efforts will continue to be sporadic. Of course, I'll continue to post notable updates here.

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