Emailias Is Running


I have extended the basic functionality just a bit more. Emailias is now processing incoming email for all of my .ml domains and routing them over to their proper mailboxes. I've also started experimenting with persistent aliases, and I think the code is stable enough that the code is live. Unfortunately, I have not created any interface to manage the persistent aliases yet so I'm still manually creating those.

I setup as the place for any documentation that I want to create for it. I wanted to try out a flat file CMS, and I decided on Grav for my first iteration. It's a bit heavier than I thought it would be, but it meets my needs for now. There are certainly lighter CMS apps out there, but I don't want to sacrifice convenience just for a few KB in a size metric. I'm still exploring the plugin architecture and available plugins. I don't have any advanced features planned for the site at the moment. It's more out of curiosity. One of the great things about WordPress is the large community that contributes plugins.

I still have a few other features that I want to implement, and I'll working on those over the next few weekends.

Update: I decided that a separate site was not necessary. I just redirected the .cf site over to the primary site.

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