Emailias Updates


I have been laying out the framework for some new advanced features for my Emailias forwarding tool. My design for Emailias has been rather fluid lately as I have started rerouting more email through it. It's handling email for approximately 25 domains now, and I have uncovered new use cases in the increased message load.

Last year I shifted the focus away from disposable randomized email addresses to a more identity focused brand model. The functionality for the disposable addresses still exists, but I find that I use it less frequently. I am currently working on context-based smart autoresponder to handle some of the more common requests that I receive. I have also been hit by a rash of spam lately, and as a result, I'm going to enhance the antispam capabilities.

I started Emailias just over two years ago, and I completely missed. Emailias has been so reliable and efficient that it is just part of my standard email delivery path.

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