Tai Chi Practice Reset

taichi taijiquan

Way back when I first started learning tai chi, my instructor only taught me one movement at a time. I was not able to move onto the next movement or posture until I showed some proficiency with the previous one. Needless to say, there were times when I spent weeks at the same spot in the form. Eventually I got through it.

Due to some recent medical issues, I have been force to pause my tai chi practice. I have recently started practicing again; however, I'm not able to complete my form. In fact, I don't get very far at all before I run into issues. I have to admit that it was a bit disappointing.

Since I do not have my full mobility back, I decided to reset my tai chi practice all the way back to the beginning. I have been adding only one movement back at a time until I can remaster it. I keep practicing that slowly growing series of movements each day, and I try to add in one more movement every Saturday. If I'm lucky, I have progressed enough to move on. If not, I am repeating the week. This is my own methodical way to make sure that I do not over extend myself. It's been slow, but I am happy with my overall progress.

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