Tai Chi Options

taichi taijiquan

Since the Bellevue Y has canceled all of their evening and weekend Tai Chi classes, I’ve been searching for other options. Of course, I’m going to keep practicing my current CMC 37 form, and I’ll try continue to get refinements when I can catch up with my original instructor. The Green Hills facility has a few classes that fit my schedule. That branch actually has quite a few classes which are taught be different instructors. I’ve contacted that branch to see what style is taught in the weekend classes. I’ve been practicing the CMC 37 form for several years now, and a new form would be be interesting to learn. My only requirement is that the form is a practical form of taijiquan and not a frou-frou energy healing exercise. I’ve considered putting together a local group to practice with, but before I take this route, I need to conduct some straw polls to see who is interested.

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