I Reset My Keybase Identity

keybase identity

I had to reset my Keybase-linked identities due to a decision that I intentionally made when I first set up my account. When I created my Keybase account in 2019, I used my existing GPG key. I have been re-issuing this key every two years. I have been increasing the key size to the default each time that I regenerated it. Periodically regenerating keys is a best practice just like SSL/TLS certificates are periodically renewed.

Unfortunately, the expiration date on my key came and went. I completely missed it. This isn't usually big deal. It has happened in the past, and I usually generate a new key pair and upload the public half to my site. Keybase by designed skipped all of the expired keys in my keyring. As a result, I could not make any changes on my Keybase account. I removed the expiration date from my key and subkey and retried. Same result.

Since this was not a critical path item for me, my most expedient path for me was to just reset my Keybase account. The major side effect of this is that I had to re-establish my identity on my sites. This involved running a bunch of bash commands, publishing identity files, and making posts on various social media sites. It's all complete, but it's effectively starting over. Now that I've gone through this one, I'm working on a strategy to stick with best practices while avoiding the Keybase reset.

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