Fry's Demise


When I first moved to Las Vegas, Fry's Electronics was a cool place where I could source almost any technology. They sold everything from computer systems down to component parts. Unfortunately, the shopping experience has been fairly dismal recently.

While Fry's claims that they are not going out of business, it's hard not to wonder. They claim that their buyers are working on refreshing their inventory, but the products at the Las Vegas store look more like scraps than actual new product. During my last December visit, the computer section was almost completely empty with almost no PCs on display. They did not have any micro SD cards over 16GB. The wall under the Security Cameras sign was stocked with thousands of BNC connectors. What buyer thought that BNC connectors would be a good item to stock in such great supply?

If you happen to shop at tech stores for as-seen-on-TV merchandise or office products, then you might be in luck. Both of those sections were fairly well stocked. For some reason, they had quite a selection of composition notebooks.

I've spoken to a few a that about the inventory situation, and some of them definitely fear that going out of business is a real possibility. They have been watching the stock slowly dwindle away with nothing new coming in. If they truly are planning on staying in business, then Fry's really needs to get in front of the situation. They are disappointing their customers, and their reputation is slowly withering away. Fry's will soon be know as that place where I used to buy my electronics. We may see the Fry's demise soon. Or has Fry's already gone out of business, and we just don't know it yet?

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