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Technology | Posted on 2 May 2020 | Tagged with , , .

I started a personal project this weekend. I’ve started coding a tool that I’ve nicknamed Emailias, which as you can guess is a portmanteau of email and alias. In short it’s a simple tool for creating ad hoc email aliases. Why did I start this? I recently saw a comment in my internet travels where someone was frustrated by the sudden shutdown of the service they used, and I was curious how difficult this would be to build.

The tech stack for Emailias is pretty simple. I’m building on existing SMTP instance that I use for all of my domains. I registered and at Freenom and added those as accepted domains. I picked up the cf domain just in case I want to publish out the code. I’ve started writing the tool in Python with a MySQL database to keep track of the aliases. I’ve got some of the basic structure already built, and I have working POC.

I don’t really have any personal plans for the tool or a formal roadmap to the final product. I’m using this as an opportunity to brush up on my Python skills. If I get Emailias to a point where I think it’s usable, I might invite a few people to try it out. Right now it’s just a personal project that exists purely for my own experimentation. Of course this is all happening in parallel with my RPi4 tinkering.


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