I’m doing a little bit of catch up…

“Leap and the net will appear.” – John Borroughs

On the first of this year, I packed up my car with most of clothes and tech gear, and I drove across the country on a new adventure. I just finished up my second work week, and I do not regret my decision.

Quite a few people have asked why I left my job of eight years, and for the most part I have avoided the question. My employer was (and still is) going through some changes. I had been in my position as data center manager for three years, and I was trying find the path on the career map to my next career destination, while working within the changing framework at my company.

One day I received a cold call from someone at +Twitter. I was not actively looking at an outside company, but I was intrigued by the opportunity. I received another cold call the next day from another company and two more the next week. That’s when I started actively looking for something bigger. No company was too big, and no city was too far.

I went through a couple rounds on phone interviews with Twitter, and they decided to fly me out for a full day of in-person interviews. I flew out to the San Francisco office to chat with my potential new coworkers. I was really excited, but I knew that my interview was doomed midway when one of interviewers said If I were you, I wouldn’t take this job. When I got home, this comment sunk in. I didn’t want this job, and my wife agreed. I was not discouraged since I still had other prospects.

I received more cold calls and interviewed with more companies. In the end, I received an offer to join a really cool company as a data center operations manager in Las Vegas. I accepted that offer, and gave my notice the day after Thanksgiving. This is a new era in my career. I’ve made it to the next destination on my career map. Don’t be afraid to make the leap.

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