Grow Trees Grow

I planted six Leyland Cyprus trees a few weeks ago as replacements for the trees that were taken down by the tornado. Yesterday I moved eight of the wild Cedars that were sprouting up in the yard, and I put them in a line behind the Leyland Cyprus trees.  I’m hoping that the evergreen combination of the Leyland Cyprus and Cedar trees will restore the forest-like screen that the neighbors have. I still have six trees in plastic pots that will need to go into the ground soon, but I’m just not sure where to put them. I won’t put them beside the little creek because I want to put some dwarf or semi-dwarf fruit trees in that space. I’ve been eying some Kieffer Pears that Walmart has. The Bradford Pears grow very well in our area, but I want more fruit trees in my yard. My challenge is going to be keeps the deer away from all these little trees. On a related note, I still have three large tree trunks that I need to cut and burn. It’s slow work, especially now that I’ve cut down to using just one burn pit.

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