Car Shopping

We’ve been shopping for a decent used car for our oldest kid. The process has been very slow. She has a limited budget, and we’re looking for something reliable. In order to avoid driving all over town, we’ve been watching several online sites including Craigslist and AutoTrader. Some dealers really like to make it difficult for their potential customers.

  • If the address for your car lot is embedded in an image, then your web site developer did you a disservice. That address should be a clickable link to directions or a map. Your potential customer should not have to retype your address in Google Maps and then guess which section of Old Hickory you are on.
  • Include the prices for the cars in the inventory. Listing everything as “please call” when you site has the ability to sort by prices is really annoying. Auto Masters does this quite a bit. At least let me know what price range in looking at.
  • Quality pictures are important. Why exactly did you post that blurry upside-down picture? Digital photo retakes are effectively free.

Luckily we were able find a nice 2nd generation Hyundai Tiburon for our kid. The car needed some touch up paint and some new tires, but otherwise it will be a fine first car for getting to school and work. Curiously the Wikipedia page for the Tiburon noted that someone compared the GT V6 special edition to a Ferrari 456.

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