Quick Laptop Repair

Technology | Posted on 2 Mar 2013 | Tagged with , .

Actually it wasn’t so much a repair as it was an adjustment. This morning, the display on my laptop started blanking if I adjust the angle. I could get it back if I played with the angle a little. This is typically a loose connection on the ribbon cable that feeds through one of the hinges. I’ve not had this issue on my current Lenovo IdeaPad so I was not sure what to expect when I tried to reseat the cable. There’s only one way to find out. Luckily the majority of the case is held together by screws into brass posts. There were a few pressure fitting around the edge to make the top and bottom bezels join tightly together. They are not the hold-on-for-dear-life pressure fitting like Apple uses. These are easily separated with a plastic knife and a some careful wedging. After a few minutes, I had my laptop back together with a stable screen display.

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