Weekend Summary

My weekend is almost completely used up. I’ve only got a few more hours left. I spent my weekend on two exhausting tasks- used car shopping and clearing fallen trees.

Shopping for a good used car is very challenging. There’s a lot of work to be done before even going out to look at cars. Watching the various used car sites and researching cars takes a fair amount of time. Once you’ve found a potential car, getting the background on the car is fun. My favorite is: There is nothing wrong with this car, except… I’ve seen Craigslist ads announcing just needs a motor. And after all of that, there are the hidden surprises when seeing the car for the first time. Oh someone backed into me just yesterday. Finding a good used car takes patience and luck.

We spent Sunday morning clearing the fallen trees from the back yard. We managed to de-limb a few large white oak trees and get the limbs pulled over to our 5th brush pile of the season. We also have several large trunk sections that we’ll need to dispose of at a later time. Now that I can get into the shed, we have access to the cart that came with the lawn tractor. All of the cutting has going much faster since we bought the new Husqvarna chainsaw. I’ve got three chains for it so that I can keep cutting while two of them are out getting sharpened. Hopefully I can keep on the alternating cut-and-burn weekends until the yard is cleared.

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