Ingress Transaction Issues

The other day, I was attempting to take back the Ingress portal at the post office in Pegram. After successfully turning the portal back to neutral, I received a warning about an enemy portal when I attempted to deploy the first resonator. I quickly scanned the area, thinking that possibly another player was around. Nope. Just me. Ok, neutralize portal one more time. This same scene played out at another portal.

It appears that there are some database transaction issues that need to be worked out. I suspect that while I’m in the process of wearing down a portal another player is attempting to recharge it. I’m not sure if this is just a case of transaction delays or database sync between multiple servers. I’ll have to do some more testing. In any case, this might become a more common occurrence as more players join the game.

And just in case anybody was wondering, I re-used a screenshot of the portal on Highway 70 in Bellevue. Techies can be such sticklers for details sometimes.

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