Account Silenced

I don’t use my account very often. I use it primarily for reaching out to techies. When I attempted to send something out the other day, I was forbidden from logging into the service. In fact my profile and past dents (like tweets) had been replace with a simple message stating that this profile has been silenced by site moderators.

Ok. Moderator intervention implies some sort of TOS violation. does have a strong anti-spam policy. I’m not aware of any deliberate violation on my part, but there’s a chance that I may have tripped over something accidentally. Since I can’t login to the site, I’m forced to use the forums and the generic email admin contact for my support options. My account for the forums was approved, but I’m not able to login to them. I’ve sent two emails over, and after a couple of days, I did get the following response: @stickmanxa your account was setting off our automated spam filter. I’ve fixed that and reenabled your account.

I wish I could see the dent that activated the filter. I’d delete it right away. Since receiving the email, I’ve tried to login and reset the account password, but I’ve not had much luck with either effort. I’ll try periodically, but I’m also going to move forward with removing the links to this account from my various social media profiles. I’ve been gravitating towards Google+ anyways. It may be time to start looking into a Diaspora pod.

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