Kid Shot at Cheatham WMA

I’ve seen a few news stories about a kid that was accidentally shot at the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area firing range. All of the stories were very similar. The kid was shot when someone moved a gun during an all clear at the range. Some of the stories report the fired weapon as a revolver. If this is true, this definitely raises questions.

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m no firearms expert, but I have received formal training in the past. After a revolver is fired, the chamber under the hammer contains the spent casing. In the case of a single action revolver, the hammer has to be pulled back to rotate the cylinder. In the case of a double action, the hammer must be pulled back or the trigger must be pulled back fully. So here are my questions: Did someone place a cocked revolver on the table?  Or did someone pick it up and pull the trigger?

Anybody else have a different assessment?

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