Almost Had My Oil Changed

I almost had the oil changed in my car today. I say almost because it didn’t quite happen. I was prepared. I had my new oil filter in the car so I went down to the local oil change shop.

I pulled into the garage. I had to re-park it because the oil filter is really close to one of the wheels so I had to straddle the car over the left side of the bay. The old oil filter and some oil came out, and the new filter went in. The mechanic could not get the drain plug out. He wanted to know who changed it last because they rounded the corners on the bolt. He said he could tap it out. I declined to have the drain bolt modified. “Ok. We’ll top you off and send you on your way.”

This seemed reasonable. I was a bit disappointed about having to use my new filter, but I could take the car back to the previous shop and have them do the oil change. The guy at the top started to top off the oil that drained with the filter change. It took 2.5 quarts to get the levels right. Top guy tells the bottom guy. “What? Alright. Just get him out of my life.”

Really? I paid for the 3 quarts of oil and left. They tried to “send me on my way” without paying, but I thought it was only fair to pay for the 3 quarts of oil.

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