W8 Maintenance

I’ve had to do a bit of routine maintenance on the W8 to get everything back in order. I did buy the car used, and I don’t have a complete history on the car so I’m expediting some of the work. I’ve got engine and cabin air filters on order.  I also had the battery replace on Friday morning. This was a learning opportunity for me.

A bit of background for everyone… I left something plugged in the power outlet, and the battery drained down to a point that starting was pretty painful. I put the battery on a trickle charger. The battery started at 25% charge, and it took about 15 minutes to get to a full charge. That’s definitely a sign that something is not quite right with the battery. I stopped at an Advance Auto parts on the way to work, and they swapped out the battery. Unfortunately, the car stalled several times on the rest of the trip into work.

On my lunch break, I took the car over to Import Specialty Service. I try to pick my car mechanics based on their expertise. My last shop was a BMW only shop so I had to find something new. The car was perfect on the way over. After a quick introduction, they said that they would do a quick check on it. The car stalled twice on the way into the garage bay. After telling them about the battery swap, they informed me of the throttle body adaptation that usually needs to be done. After a few minutes of work, they had the car ready to go. I drove the car all weekend, and it seems to be back to normal.

Next up, air filter and oil change…

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