Air Filter Replaced

I replaced the air filter in the W8 today. It was quite a challenge, and I took longer than I had expected. This was my first maintenance task in the zero clearance engine bay. I’ve never had to remove the entire air box before. Unfortunately this is necessary to re-seat all four of the spring clamps. Everything went back together just fine, and the car cranked right over.

I’m really glad that I replaced the filter. The old MicroGard filter was encrusted with something that appeared to be salt crystals. The car now has a brand new Mann filter. The test drive around the block was uneventful. I need to get the recorder on the car and get some air flow readings. Luckily I did take some before I swapped the filter.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it after I got back from the Dickson farmers market this morning when the temperatures were much cooler.

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