Still Waiting on Crest Cadillac

I stopped by Crest Cadillac this morning to look at the Santa Fe. Now they are telling me that the Santa Fe will not be ready until Monday at best. At that point, they have had the vehicle for a full month, which is extremely disappointing considering that we were originally told 9 days. This is at least the 4th time that Crest has extended the repair window. In addition, it appears that they have no accounting of time spent on each vehicle so getting any sort of activity report from them has been difficult. I was shown a handful of hand-written reports showing the current status of each vehicle. It’s a complete mess.

On a good note, I’ve been in my new-to-me car for almost a week now. I picked up an 03 VW Passat as a daily driver. It’s a bit of shift from the 740i, but I think that it will work well for me. It’s a bit smaller, and it’s AWD. I’m back in a car that’s less than ten years old. Well, at least for another year. I was looking at an 05 Audi A6 over at Crest Honda, but I decided against giving Crest any more of my business given the current status of the Santa Fe.

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