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Since my last blog post, we’ve had a hail storm come through our town. These are times when you find out if your insurance company lives up to their commercials. Overall, I’m pretty happy with our insurance. We had quite a bit of damage to our house and two of our cars. We’re rounding up the finishing touches on house, but the cars are still an issue. The BMW 740i was totaled by the insurance company. I’ve got my check in had, and I’ve been looking at replacement cars. I really liked the 740i, but I’m taking this opportunity to see what else is out there in the used car market. Purchasing a car is a cumbersome process with all of the research and driving around to inspect cars.

The Santa Fe, our other car, is still a work in progress. Because of the hail damage, we were initially referred to Dent Wizard to get that damage repaired. Unfortunately, because of the extent of the damage, some of the work needed to be done by a full body shop. We delivered our car to the Crest Cadillac body shop where Dent Wizard does some work locally. Again unfortunately, the car sat for a week when the work was transferred over and we wound up using critical rental car days. Everyone kept tell us that SOP was to give the car back during the waiting period. After all the car is drivable. Neither party wants to take credit for not informing us. There’s finger pointing in both directions, but I’m looking to Crest Cadillac since I delivered the car to them for the work to be done.

I also had the opportunity make a trip out to Data Center World for the spring expo. It’s a pretty good conference. I attended several days worth of sessions covering data center infrastructure management. The fall expo is being held in Nashville this year so I might have another opportunity to go. I’ve been toying with the idea of submitting a presentation. While presentations from vendors are helpful, they don’t quite provide the same insight as presentations from peers who are working through common problems.

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