Seed Updates

It’s been two weeks since I put a bunch of seeds in starter cups. My four pumpkin plants are already about six inches tall already. I had to get a picture up here as proof. The cucumbers are just starting to see light of day. I have not seen signs of anything else, but then again everything else was started a few days later than the peppers and pumpkins. Right now, I’m waiting on jalepeno peppers, zucchinni, carrots, basil, and rosemary. The tomato plants should be showing up at the stores soon.

Up until the last few days, the weather has been so warm that I thought that I was going to move things outside much earlier this year. I’ve got several of the larger pots ready to transplant into once we start getting more comfortable temperatures. I still need to find a good spot in the yard for the pumpkin plants. They need quite a bit of room for each plant. Last year, I grew them in pots so that I could move them around. Now that I know what to expect, I’ll actually put them in the ground in a nice out of the way spot.

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