Experimenting With Linux Mint 12

I recently installed Linux Mint 12 on a virtual machine to see how it compares to Ubuntu 11.10. While Mint is based on Ubuntu, the default look and feel is more reminiscent of older Ubuntu versions before Unity was included. I installed the 64bit CD version without the codecs. I had it quickly locked down and configured to the settings that I’m comfortable with. The default theme is attractive, but I had to swap out the light grey wallpaper. It was a bit light for my tastes. I swapped it with one of the other wallpapers that was included in the default install. I’ll put something more personalized up later if I keep the VM around for a while. I have to admit that the Ubuntu Unity UI is not very complex, but it still felt as if I was taking more effort context switching between applications. Going back to the Gnome 2 UI is a good feeling. So far I’m pretty impressed with the default installed.

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