Save Your Money

We went to see The Last Airbender today. Save your money! It’s an absolutely aweful movie. Here’s a hint. If you ever make a movie based on a multi-season series, at least pronounce the names the major characters the same as they are in the series. It’s even worse when the name pronunciations vary through the movie.  Avatar. Awvatar, What’s the difference? The bending affects were really bad too. Nothing like watching them do a full series of moves before seeing the first drop of water or flame move. It completely lacked any spontaneity. I can live with plot modifications and omissions to make a full season fit into a 2 hour movie, but at least make something watchable. This was just painful.  What was the whole ooooooooooooooooooooooooo thing on the wall at the Northern Water Tribe city? In any case, save your money. If you want to buy something, go spend your money on the DVD sets.

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