How I Got Here

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How did you get here? It’s one of the common questions that people ask. After all, it not very common for an American, especially one that does not speak a word of Chinese, to be hanging out on a Chinese chat service. As some might have guessed, I did not know anyone when I first joined. I’m currently a member of 13 chat groups. The number varies as a join and leave groups, but the most important group was the first one.

My contact was actually quiet random. I did a quick search on Google for English groups on QQ, and I found a few forums where people were recruiting members to practice English. I bounced through few forums until I found one that had a good run of positive comments. I picked the first QQ number that I saw, and I entered it into my chat client.

I lucked out. My first buddy was very helpful. I explained (in English) that I was just testing my new connection to QQ. We had a half hour conversation. I found out that my first buddy on QQ was an accountant working at a chemical company in Vietnam. With one contact down, I picked a few more at random. After that I started getting invitations to English practice groups.

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