iPhone vs Blackberry

Ok.  I don’t exactly have an iPhone. I’ve got a iPod Touch. When I got my phone, I decided on a Blackberry because I did not want another device with the exact same interface.  Plus, I got the Blackberry for free. One cool thing about smartphones is that you can extend their functionality with third party apps.  Apple has the App Store, and iPhone users are stuck with it unless they jailbreak their phone. Blackberry users have a bit more flexibility in that they can get apps from almost anywhere.

Blackberry has recently opened their response to the App Store, which is App World.  I’ve explored it for a few days, and at the moment it’s not very impressive. There are just over 800 apps available for download. Unfortunately, there are not that many that appealled to me. I’ve installed a whole five apps (including App World) on my Blackberry.  In contrast, I don’t know how many I’ve downloaded on my Touch.  I’d guess close to a hundred. For starters, there are many more free and trial apps on Apple’s site. Believe it or not, but there are some really expensive apps on the Blackberry site, when there are many free or cheap equivalents on the iPhone. Blackberry developers are missing out on volume downloads. Do they really expect many people to buy their $200 app? I’m also still searching for a decent WordPress app for my Blackberry.

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