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Technology | Posted on 11 Mar 2009 | Tagged with , , , .

I recently picked up a Blackberry to use as my primary cell phone. It’s not the latest greatest model, but it was hard to resist since it was free. I needed to move up to a PDA/smartphone, and there are so many choices. I decided against the iPhone since I already have a Touch. It’s essentially an iPhone without the phone.

I am always looking for new uses for my Touch. I’ve downloaded and tested quiet a few apps from the App Store. So far I’ve only downloaded free apps. I’ve not had any reason to purchase an app yet. Some of my favorite apps are:

TouchTerm: This is a very handy SSH app that I can use anywhere that I’ve got wifi access. It took a bit a to get use to the virtual keyboard, but it has come in handy.

WordPress: This one has come in handy for posting here and other websites.

AIM: If I’ve got wifi, I can jump online and send a few messages out. I’m still looking for a decent multi-protocol chat client. I’m currently testing a couple out.

I read the Blackberry is creating an app store to compete with Apple. I always liked that I could get apps for the Blackberry or the Palm from multiple sites. It’s the one thing that I don’t like about getting apps for the Touch. I’m locked into using the Apple App Store unless I jailbreak my iPod. There have been many reports lately that Apple is having difficulty approving apps, which hurts the developers and the customers.

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