CNET Reviews Ubuntu Linux

CNET has publish a review of Ubuntu Linux 7.04.  Ubuntu has been one of our favorite Linux distributions for quite a while.  Essentially any Linux distribution can be configured to behave and perform just like any of the other.  The distribution is basically a pre-packaged starting point.  Each brings its own collection of tools and startup configuration. Ubuntu’s focus is on user friendliness, and it is geared for helping the novice Linux user adapt to the Linux environment.  Ubuntu documentation is pretty complete, and free support forums are also available. Ubuntu maintains an active update system that is free for public use.  This is definitely a distribution that is quickly getting the attention of the business community, as evidenced by the availability of Ubuntu Linux on Dell computers.

Although we (and other Ubuntu users) think the rating should have been higher, the CNET review was generally positive.  If anyone out there is considering deploying Linux, we definitely recommend giving Ubuntu a try.  XAG can assist with putting together a test plan and migrating service to Linux for evaluation.

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