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Technology | Posted on 13 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Updating to WordPress 3.3 | Tagged with , , .

I’ve updated a couple of the sites to WordPress 3.3. There are a couple of new enhancements like the streamlined posting and uploads that look helpful. I just wish

Technology | Posted on 22 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on Hacked Websites For Sale | Tagged with , , , , .

What do the US Army CECOM, State of Utah, and State of Michigan websites all have in common? They’re all listed for sale on a website offering access to hacked

Technology | Posted on 16 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on The Slowness Moves | Tagged with , .

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that GoDaddy is toying with me. The Kingston Springs site is back to normal; however, now one of the other sites is

Technology | Posted on 12 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on Slow Sites | Tagged with , , , .

The KingstonSprings.org site has been running incredibly slow lately. It has been getting incrementally slower for the last week or so. I’m not exactly sure what the cause is yet,