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Cars | Posted on 6 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Brickless | Tagged with .

I’ve been brickless for about 24 hours now. I sold the 240 turbo to someone in Murfreesboro who has a bit more time to get the car back into running

Cars | Posted on 9 May 2008 | Comments Off on Back To 5 Cars | Tagged with , .

We managed to purchase two BMWs in the last couple of weeks. We got a X5 and a 740i, both of them in titanium silver. I’ve got a couple pictures

Cars | Posted on 6 Apr 2008 | Comments Off on Busy Weekend | Tagged with .

This weekend I replaced one piece of headlight glass on each of my V70s. The glass on my car had a small bullet hole, and the glass on my wife’s

Cars | Posted on 6 Apr 2008 | Comments Off on V70 Headlight Glass Replacement | Tagged with , , , , .

It’s a relatively easy process to fix the glass, and it takes only about 30 minutes to do. These pictures are from a 99 V70 XC, but the process should

Cars | Posted on 5 Apr 2008 | Comments Off on Sold A Car | Tagged with , .

My wife sold her old daily driver, the 940. We’re down to three bricks now, which is actually good. Just as we were finishing up the deal, the Lowe’s truck

Cars | Posted on 26 Jan 2008 | Comments Off on Looking For A Radio For My Car | Tagged with .

I wanted to buy a radio for my personal vehicle, and I figured that one of the best places to check would be the Flying J just up the road

Cars | Posted on 21 Jan 2008 | Comments Off on Still Waiting | Tagged with , .

The title for the XC is supposed to be on the way tomorrow. Supposedly the broker that I bought the car from is going to get the title from BMW

Cars | Posted on 11 Jan 2008 | Comments Off on The V70 AWD Is Back | Tagged with , .

We got the V70 AWD back from the dealer the other day.  The dealer had the car for two weeks diagnosing and fixing all the issues, but it sounds great