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Technology | Posted on 21 Dec 2012 | Comments Off on AT&T Motorola Atrix HD | Tagged with , , .

I was eligible for a phone upgrade on my plan so I got an AT&T Motorola Atrix HD from Best Buy. The upgrade cost me a dollar and a

Technology | Posted on 6 Dec 2012 | Comments Off on Best Buy Messes Up, AT&T Can’t Fix It | Tagged with , , .

Best Buy messed up the plan on my upgraded cell phone. Apparently, they did not properly transfer the old cell plan over to the new phone. I found out about

Technology | Posted on 31 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on Mobile Device Privacy Act | Tagged with , , , .

In light of the recent confusion and fingerpointing regarding the extend of CarrierIQ snooping, Representative Ed Markey has released a draft of the Mobile Device Privacy Act. The intent

Technology | Posted on 14 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Feds Looking into CarrierIQ | Tagged with , .

The Washington Post is reporting that executives from CarrierIQ are meeting with the Federal Trade Commission. Although the FBI has refused to disclose how they use CarrierIQ data, the company

Technology | Posted on 4 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Carrier IQ Excitement | Tagged with , .

Working with his own HTC Evo phone, Trevor Eckart discovered the Carrier IQ activities. Carrier IQ responded with a cease and desist letter, which was answered with the help