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Technology | Posted on 17 May 2012 | Comments Off on Trying to Bing it | Tagged with , , , .

I’ve been trying to use the online services from Microsoft lately.  I want to see how the Microsoft services compare compared to their Google counterparts. I’ve never really been a

Technology | Posted on 22 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Microsoft Drops Comantra | Tagged with , .

According to PC Pro, Microsoft has dropped Comantra as a Gold Partner. The complaints alledge that Comantra cold-called Windows users and convinced them to provide credit card info to pay

Technology | Posted on 23 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Still Using IE6? | Tagged with , .

This site gets a fair number of users that are still surfing the web with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. We don’t have any indication why these site visitors are still

Technology | Posted on 13 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Targeted Attacks Use MHTML Exploit | Tagged with , , , .

A post on the Google security blog has stated that the MHTML vulnerability is being actively exploited. The MHTML protocol, which is unique to Internet Explorer, allow  the browser

Technology | Posted on 24 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Microsoft Warns of IE Vulnerability | Tagged with , , , , .

Microsoft has published an advisory for all supported versions of IE. The advisory warns of a problem with a CSS-related function in IE6 through IE8. Malicious websites could take

Technology | Posted on 13 Nov 2010 | Comments Off on Facebook Mashup | Tagged with , , , , .

There are speculations that Facebook unveil a new messaging system. Mulitple blogs are pointing the various Facebook-controlled websites delivering a Microsoft Outlook Web App login page. This contradicts earlier

Technology | Posted on 4 Nov 2010 | Comments Off on No Patch Yet For IE 0-Day | Tagged with , .

Next Tuesday is Patch Tuesday, but it does not include a patch for the recent IE 0-day vulnerability. The November bulletin mentions multiple Office versions, PowerPoint View and

Technology | Posted on 31 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on That all you got? | Tagged with , .

The announcement is over a month old, and I have not posted anything about it. I’m referring to WordPress becoming the default blogging platform for Windows Live Spaces. Isn’t