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Technology | Posted on 7 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on DigiNotar Removed By Patch | Tagged with , .

Both Microsoft and Mozilla have released updates which removes the DigiNotar CA certificates from the their trusted pool. Google Chrome has been fixed also. No word yet for Safari. This

Technology | Posted on 7 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on GlobalSign Suspends Issuing Certs | Tagged with , .

In response to a post on on ComodoHacker’s Pastebin account, GlobalSign has temporarily ceased issuing SSL certificates. The hacker claims to have access to the company’s server as well as

Technology | Posted on 5 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on DigiNotar Report Released | Tagged with , .

Fox-IT has released a report on their investigation of the DigiNotar certificate authority hack. The intent of the initial investigation is to determine the initial attack vector and the scope

Technology | Posted on 31 Aug 2011 | Comments Off on How To Remove The DigiNotar Trusted CA | Tagged with , .

On news that hackers may have generated over 200 fake SSL certificates from the DigiNotar CA, some people are wondering if this CA should be trusted until they can confirm

Technology | Posted on 25 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on This Connection Is Untrusted – Part 2 | Tagged with , .

Web browsers will complain when they can not validate a SSL certificate. In the past, I’ve written about the untrusted connection warnings related to unknown certificate authorities and certificate mismatches.

It’s not simply an annoyance. Occasionally Firefox will encounter an issue with a website’s SSL certificate. It will present the user with a full page warning stating that This Connection