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Technology | Posted on 3 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on One Hour Early | Tagged with , .

I’m not sure why, but a couple of my meetings alarmed one hour early on my Android Captivate. The meetings were correct in Exchange, but incorrect on the phone. It’s

Technology | Posted on 4 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Captivate Quirk | Tagged with , .

Just on a whim, I checked to see if any software updates existed for my new Captivate. I’ve done this twice, and I’ve had the same issue. The phone complains

Technology | Posted on 26 Nov 2010 | Comments Off on One Week With A Droid | Tagged with , .

I’ve had my Samsung Captivate for a week now. Overall, it’s an awesome phone, but I’m still getting used to it. The screen is very sharp and crisp, and it’s