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Cars | Posted on 30 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on New Lights Installed | Tagged with , , , .

My new corner lights are installed. The entire project took about 10 minutes to get both lights installed. I’m glad that I bought a set of lights rather than just

Cars | Posted on 12 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Waiting on Parts | Tagged with , .

Just got an update on my order from Bavarian Autosports. I’ll be waiting one to two weeks for my parts to ship because they are out of stock. I

Cars | Posted on 11 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Ordered Lights for the 740i | Tagged with , .

I just ordered a new set of corner lights for the 740i to replace the one that broke. I finally decided on a set from Bavarian Autosports. I bought

Cars | Posted on 29 Aug 2011 | Comments Off on CD Changer Repair | Tagged with , .

Started up the car this evening after my Tai Chi and the CD changer in the car claimed that there no discs in the cartridge. I ejected the cartridge and

Cars | Posted on 15 Mar 2009 | Comments Off on Busy Day | Tagged with , , .

The warming weather gave me an opportunity to wash both of the bimmers today. I had to go out and buy some cleaning supplies. Both cars got a good wash,

Cars | Posted on 26 Dec 2008 | Comments Off on Got The 740i Back | Tagged with .

I got my car back from BMW of Nashville today. It needed a new battery and a couple of sensors. It was the most expensive battery I’ve ever bought. The

Cars | Posted on 16 Sep 2008 | Comments Off on The 740i Is Back In The Driveway | Tagged with , , .

I’ve got my car back. This was the first real routine maintenance on the car since I bought it. I got the motor and transmission computers updated to the latest

Cars | Posted on 11 Jun 2008 | Comments Off on 740i Update | Tagged with , .

I’ve put about 1500 miles on my new-to-me car, and I’ve been getting anywhere between 19 to 30 MPG, depending on how I drive it. I’m still getting used to