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Kingston Springs Ingress Map

Interested in playing Ingress? For those that don’t know, Ingress is an augment reality game combining capture-the-flag and team play. This in an opportunity to get some exercise and

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I planted six Leyland Cyprus trees a few weeks ago as replacements for the trees that were taken down by the tornado. Yesterday I moved eight of the wild Cedars

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We’ve been shopping for a decent used car for our oldest kid. The process has been very slow. She has a limited budget, and we’re looking for something reliable. In

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Ironically, the US National Vulnerability Database is down due to malware on the servers. The NVD serves as a tool that allow system administrators to identify potential problem with operating

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After getting the false positive on the spam situation corrected, my account is back online. I’ve linked it back in the footer of the blog, and I’ll start adding

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Actually it wasn’t so much a repair as it was an adjustment. This morning, the display on my laptop started blanking if I adjust the angle. I could get it

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The other day, I was attempting to take back the Ingress portal at the post office in Pegram. After successfully turning the portal back to neutral, I received a warning

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I don’t use my account very often. I use it primarily for reaching out to techies. When I attempted to send something out the other day, I was forbidden