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Looking For A Hobby Car

Cars | Posted on 3 Jul 2013 | 2 Comments

I was talking with someone at one of the local stores the other day about where the relays and fuses were located in an MG. My wife suddenly turns to me and says that I need to get a hobby car. After hearing this, I’ve been looking at cars on Craigslist to see if any of them would be a suitable project car. I sold my last project car about five years ago because I did not have time to tinker with it. It was a sad day, but it had to be done. Each night I’ve been browsing the ads. I could use something in the driveway to wrench on. Hopefully something catches my eye. The question is: What will it be?


  • MrJDL71 said:

    Don’t get a 1986 Jaguar V-12 XJS! I had that as a hobby car. I loved working on it…wished it was engineered better…realized there was a good reason why people swapped out the V-12 and put in a GM 350ci V-8.

    Late 60’s Mustang??

  • Stickman (author) said:

    I’ve been looking at Jags. They are very pretty cars. I’ve owned a British car before, and I completely understand having to deal with quirks.