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2013 VW Rental Car

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2012 Volkswagen Passat

My car is in the shop for unforeseen circumstances so I’m driving a rental car for a few days. I happened to get a 2013 Volkswagen Passat. It’s essentially the current model of what I have been driving for the last few months. The car is very a bit larger than my 2003 Passat, but the car feels much lighter. The car gets pushed over in the lane whenever a semi truck passes in the next lane. The car is also light enough that I have to watch how much I break otherwise the brakes grab really hard.

There are some other cabin features that I don’t like. The AC controls are simple analog dials. I’m used to an older Passat that has digital temperature settings on the console and a temperature display on the dash. The half red, half blue dial is very annoying when I can set 72F in my old car. This may just be a feature of the trim level of the car that I’m driving. The analog clock in the center console just looks out of place. My biggest gripe is probably the center arm rest. In my 2003 model, the armrest slides forward and is level with the door arm rest. The center arm rest does not slide forward in the 2013 model and is completely unusable unless you put the driver’s seat further back. I’m tall, but not that tall. There is a bit more storage in the car and the power adapters are more easily accessible. It’s a rental so I’m not moving all my stuff over to it, there’s definitely more room. The car honks once when the alarm is set. I preferred the signal flash on the old model. Gas mileage seems pretty decent. The motor in the new car is a bit smaller than what I’m used to so I would hope that it would be a bit better than the W8.


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