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Analog Life | Posted on 12 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Awesome Weather | Tagged with , .

The weather was awesome this weekend. We had a bit of rain to cool things down. I spent a fair amount of time reading about network critical physical infrastructure.

Technology | Posted on 5 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Blackberry AppWorld Sucks! | Tagged with , .

I decided to get the LinkedIn app for my BlackBerry. It’s been a while since I’ve loaded any new apps on my phone so this was a bit annoying. Apparently

Analog Life | Posted on 2 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Interesting Gig | Tagged with .

I just found an interesting gig on the Nashville Craigslist. It wasn’t interesting in an I-want-that-gig sort of way, but in a are-they-serious way. The anonymous poster was looking for