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Technology | Posted on 28 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on AppWorld Update | Tagged with , .

I just updated to the latest version of AppWorld. I figured that I’d go ahead and update it since I was updating other apps. After the install finished, I tried

Technology | Posted on 25 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Lower Merion Case Heats Up | Tagged with .

A key player in the Lower Merion webcam controversy made a public statement regarding the allegations. Assistant principal Lynn Matsko held a press announcement (not a press conference). She stated

Technology | Posted on 22 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on PA School Responds To Spying Accusations | Tagged with , , .

The Lower Merion School District has made a public response to the lawsuit brought by the Robbins family. The district claims that the district has remotely activated the webcam 42

Technology | Posted on 21 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Adobe Pushing Third Party Software? | Tagged with , , .

Security researcher Aviv Raff has revealed that the Adobe Download Manager can be tricked into installing third party software. Adobe has responded, and stated that they are working

Technology | Posted on 19 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on PA School Accused Of Spying On Students | Tagged with , , .

A suburban family has filed a lawsuit against the Lower Merion School District for spying on the student at home via a school supplied laptop. The family has requested class

Technology | Posted on 15 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Mass Cell Phone Tracking | Tagged with .

According to a CNET article, the Department of Justice is attempting to gain access to cell phone tower data. The government is not requesting access to specific call records,

Technology | Posted on 14 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Speed Test | Tagged with , .

I ran a speed test on a whim just to see what type of numbers tthat I’m getting from Comcast. The results are pretty good, with the exception of the

Technology | Posted on 14 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Valentine’s Day Malware | Tagged with .

The Valentine’s Day malware is making its rounds. Disguised as ecards or greetings, the malware hopes to entice unsuspecting recipients into clicking on the links which are sent in email.