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Analog Life | Posted on 25 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on Practicing My Judo | Tagged with .

I just finished reading Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion. It is a very fast read, and it reminds me of another book that I had read in

Cars | Posted on 6 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on Observerations

I’ve only been driving the 740i for a few months, but I’ve noticed a few things in this short time. For starters, I get more comments like your little beemer

Technology | Posted on 2 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on Copyright Infringement Allegations On The Rise | Tagged with , , .

The bad guys are now taking advantage of the much reported RIAA and MPAA copyright infringement notices that are going out. They are now sending out their own infringement notices