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Technology | Posted on 14 Jan 2007 | Comments Off on New Phishing Attack

According to this Register article, a new phishing kit is available to allow malicious sites to setup a man-in-the-middle attack on unsuspecting people. In short, the bad guys build

Technology | Posted on 4 Jan 2007 | Comments Off on Beware of PDF files | Tagged with , .

I just read an interesting article over at GNUCITIZEN.  This definitely makes think twice about automatically opening PDF files in your browser.  Basically a malicious site can disguise or

Analog Life | Posted on 3 Jan 2007 | Comments Off on First Update

It’s been a few days since I created the blog. I spent some time doing a little cleanup on each of the websites. I even took a few a bit

Technology | Posted on 1 Jan 2007 | Comments Off on Mitigating SSH Brute Force Attacks | Tagged with , , , .

Occassionaly, users require remote access to a server to gain shell access or upload files. If your users are accessing the server from known IP addresses, your job is easy.