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Technology | Posted on 20 Dec 2005 | Comments Off on TrueCrypt Virtual Disk Encryption | Tagged with , , .

TrueCrypt creates virtual encrypted disks on Microsoft Windows and Linux. It is based on a project called Encryption for the Massess (E4M). TrueCrypt provides “on-the-fly” encryption to automatically

Technology | Posted on 15 Apr 2005 | Comments Off on SpywareBlaster | Tagged with .

Our first anti-spyware tool takes a simple approach. Rather than scanning and cleaning, SpywareBlaster aims to prevent malicious sites from installing unwanted software. The publisher of Spybot Search and Destroy

Technology | Posted on 31 Mar 2005 | Comments Off on Spyware Begone | Tagged with .

Spyware and adware infections are now increasing to epidemic proportions. There are several ways for spyware and adware to get installed on a target computer. The most common method is